Saturday, June 27, 2009

I love matching jammies!!!

Out of all the matching jammies that my boys have worn, I think these might be my favorite. They are so soft, and sweet, and the boys blue eyes look even bluer. I just want to tuck these cuties up and snoggle them to sleep.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

4th of July Pics


After waking up from his nap, Micah and I were enjoying some snuggle time. Even though we were at the pool for 2 hours, the first thing he told me was that he wanted to go back to the pool. "Micah, if we go to the pool much more, you're going to turn into a fish!" I told him. "No I won't! Elizabeth says people are people."

Glad Elizabeth got that cleared up for me!

Summer lovin'

Yesterday, it was hot here. We broke a record, it was so hot. Elizabeth is now worried that we're going to pop like popcorn kernels when we go outside.

It's hot! And it's only June.

After reading my friend Heather's blog, I decided I could be frustrated about the temperature, or I could look on the bright side and find things to be thankful for. It's all about how you look at things!

So, here's why I'm having some Summer Lovin'!
1. We get to go to the pool all the time, any time.
2. My children are sleeping really well because of all the pool time.
3. Who needs a summer wardrobe when you're in a bathing suit all the time?!?
4. I love how my boys look like little surfer boys with their blond hair, tans, and white tooshies.
5. Fruit is always on sale during the summer.
6. Not only are my children sleeping really well, but they're eating really well too.
7. I feel like a good mom when my kids are eating and sleeping well!
8. Our schedule is busy, but it's filled with fun stuff!
9. Summer school for Curtis is still school, but it's not as bad as last semester.
10. I get to see my parents next week!
11. The 4th of July isn't that far off, which means there will be fireworks!
12. Three words: Summer Movie Club!! Who wouldn't love $1 movies?
13. We get to take a little vacay to Atlanta to see Jeremiah baptised where I'll also get to see the rest of my family.
14. My sister has a pool within walking distance from her house!

Sure it's hot. But I'm really lovin' this summer!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


While we were driving home today, I was having a very nice conversation with one of the babysitters from our Young Mom's Bible Study, who I have the pleasure of taking to bible study and then home. Seriously, this girl is awesome! We were talking about the homeschool co-op that Curtis and I are hoping to get into, which is the co-op that her family is involved in.

Elizabeth piped up, "When do I get to be in Olive Garden?"
Me, "Huh?"
Elizabeth kindly repeats the question, and I'm still as confused as the first time. But I decide some answer is better then no answer, so I start babbling, "Well, we're not going anytime soon, but maybe we can go when Grandma is here... .... What do you think?"
Elizabeth answered with, "After our nature walk?"
Me, "What? It's too hot to go on a nature walk with Grandma right now. And we won't be going on nature walks till you're in kindergarten."

At this point, Elizabeth realized the error, dies laughing, and says, "Mommy!! I meant to say when do I get to be in KINDERGARTEN! I'm not talking about the restaurant."

That cleared things up!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dino Dig

I'm learning that one of the perks of summer time is all the wonderful FREE (or cheap) activities that are available. Today, we took advantage of the summer library program. Each week they have different activities for the kids, and today's was a Dino Dig. Right up Mr. Micah's ally!

He was so cute playing with all the dinosaurs, digging in the dirt, telling me the names of all the dinos.... little boys are the best!
This picture of Benjamin cracks me up!!
"Are you touching my dino???"

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Did you hear?

Today was National Pink Day! My Dad called this morning to inform Elizabeth and I of this very special day. When Elizabeth woke up, I shared the news with her. She excitedly ran off to her room to pick out what pinkness she would wear.

I went after her, to remind her that she needed to wear shorts since we were going to a Dino Dig at the library. On her bed, she had laid out a pink ballerina outfit, a pink princess dress, and three pink church dresses. When I told her she had to wear shorts, she was nothing short of devastated. "How can we celebrate National Pink Day if I don't wear a pink dress???" Seriously, she was distraught.

I finally convinced her she would be just fine in a pink shirt. And to sweeten the deal, I told her that she could pick out the pink bow. Oi Vey! That was a process!! "This one is more orange than pink." "This one isn't big enough."

A girl after my own heart!

This evening, I let her don all the pinkness her little heard desired, and took her picture to commemorate National Pink Day!

Such a sad story!

My Mommy and Daddy made me eat my broccoli before I got ice cream. Can you believe it????

Summer softball

It's time for summer softball for the Krajcas! Last night I took my camera to the field to get our summer softball family pictures (remember last years?). I also got a couple cute pictures of the kiddos. But did I get any pictures of the team?? Nope! There's always next week.
You can't make the family picture bigger, but if you could, you would see the silly smiles on my children's faces. Those are their "Smile or We Don't Get a Sno-Cone" Smile. Sno-Cones are the ultimate way to cool off during summer softball!
Put me in coach!
And the best part of softball? The friends!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blogging ADD strikes again

What do you think of the new look???

Happy Father's Day, Curtis!!

Most of our Father's Day celebration was on Saturday. But this evening, Curtis hit the pool in the backyard with the kids. I'm about to make some cookies to go with our ice cream. The end to a really great weekend!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Today we celebrated Father's day by having a nice family day. This was the first Saturday since April where we haven't had any plans in place, and we were able to just chose what we wanted to do. And since Sunday mornings are always a little crazy for us, we decided to start the day by giving Curtis and big, special breakfast and his present.

Despite the very, very hot temperature, we had a great day! The kids had tons of fun, and are already asking when they get to go again!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

How sweet it is to be loved by you!

Today I got a sweet treat from Elizabeth. A treat that I so didn't deserve.

Today was a long day. I was tired, which translated to a headache, which translated feeling sick, which translated into needing a power nap. I explained to my children that I was going to lay down, they should sit an watch the movie I was putting in, and behave. All this was said in my cranky mommy voice.

After about 10 minutes of peace, Elizabeth started banging around. Not what I wanted to deal with. As I rolled over to fuss, this is what I see on the night stand. Sweet Girl had brought me some tea to help me feel better.

I love the way my children love me! I don't deserve them, but today was a reminder of how very thankful I am for them.
I think these pictures are so precious! I love how you can see him thinking about what he's wanting to do and how surprised he is when his plan back fires and he gets hit in the face with water. Such a sweetie!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beating the Heat

What a busy day we've had!

For me, the day started when I woke up at 5am and couldn't go back to sleep. And this was after only 5 hours of very interrupted sleep. If we want to look on the bright side, it did give me a chance to get the kitchen clean and make muffins.

Later this morning, we went to a movie with our friends the Findleys and the Haileys. I'm so thankful that I went with other moms because I made a total of 6 trips to the bathroom. It was nice not having to drag all three kids with me each time.

After the movie, we went to Wal Mart where I, once again, became "one of those mothers".

Benjamin was ridding in the seat part of the shopping basket, buckled in. Elizabeth and Micah offered to help push him. I should have been suspicious at this point, but I thought they were just trying to be nice, and let them push, while I pulled the basket. I realized it was getting very heavy and turned to see 90lbs of children hanging on taking a quick ride. "That's not safe!" I remind them. "Mommy just saw a basket flip over on kids because they were doing that!" We continued on our way, and the next thing I know, the basket is heavy again. While holding the basket, I turn to remind them of what they already know. At that exact moment, the basket flipped. Thankfully, I had my hand on the basket and was able to slow the fall. And thankfully, Benjamin was buckled in. It was one of those moments when I wanted to look at the kids and scream, "SEE!!! I told you so! Mommy does too know what's best!" But I didn't. The daggers in my eyes got the point across, just fine!

We rapidly finished our shopping trip, and headed home. The boys fell asleep on the way home, which was fine since I knew they had tummies full of popcorn. I fed Elizabeth lunch, got her ready for a nap, and Micah woke up after only and hour nap.

And did I mention that they didn't get to bed till 9pm last night and were all up by 6:30??

The original plan had been to hit the pool to help beat the 100 degree temp that we've been dealing with. But there was no way I was taking three cranky, moody, sleepy children to the pool! No way! Especially since Daddy was in class.

So we went to the splash pad for over and hour. It was GREAT!

While we were at the splash pad, Curtis told me he would come home on time, rather that after the kids went to bed, since it had been such a long day. HAAAA-LLE-LUUUU-JAH!!!!
All three kids are now sleeping, and I probably won't be too far behind. What a day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pictures from Elizabeth's birthday

We had a wonderful day, celebrating Elizabeth's birthday. The day started off with the big surprise that Papaw and Daddy had painted her room. But it really wasn't too big of a surprise, she figured it out over the weekend. She was so funny because she totally acted surprised. Even though we didn't surprise her, we did make her happy!This afternoon, Elizabeth and I added wall stickers. So cute!

Elizabeth with her brothers, getting ready to open presents.

Showing off the new purse that we got her.

Breakfast in bed.... hot chocolate in the birthday mug and bagels with cream cheese!
Our day was very uneventful. This evening, before dinner, we went to play at Chuck E Cheese's. The kids had fun, and it was the cheapest trip to CEC's that we've ever made!

Once we got home and had dinner, Elizabeth got her special pink cupcakes with pink icing. They tasted very.... pink!

It was a great day! Elizabeth told me as she was going to bed, "I hope I dream about today when I sleep!"