Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Yesterday we gave Micah rice cereal for the first time. The first picture is a before shot. I love how proud he looks!

This next picture is after he's actually had his first bite of the cereal. He gagged, swallowed it, and cried for more! But, when I gave him more, we did the whole gagging thing all over again. I think we're going to put the whole cereal thing on hold for awhile, and give him a little more time! Plus, take a look at those cheeks, I really don't think he's starving!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Potty Training: Day Four (7/20/06)

For some reason, I went ahead and bit the bullet and began potty training Elizabeth. After reading many articles and books, talking to other moms (mostly my own!) and observing her, I decided that she was ready. So, Tuesday was the big day.

Tuesday and Wednesday were very wet days in our home. No M&M's were earned, no stickers made it to the famed Potty Chart. Then, yesterday, things really went downhill. The previous two days I had opted for the training pants, but yesterday we went with the bare bottom approach. She was fine, then all the sudden, she was running around with her legs crossed. The funniest part of the day was when she ran into her bedroom, begging for a diaper so that she could go potty. :-) She also developed what appeared to be a fear of the toilet, and would go rigid, and sob while sitting on the toilet. Very pathetic, but somewhat amusing!

So this morning, I woke up dreading the day. At nine this morning, her legs were crossed, she was holding herself, but insisted that she didn't need to go potty. Yeah right, I was born yesterday!! Finally, two hours later, she went potty in the potty! Since then, she has gone to the potty five times, and has had no accidents!

I say all this, and we'll probably have another rough day tomorrow, but for now, I'm going to savor the moment!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Micah got shot

.... at least that's how Elizabeth is telling the story of Micah's most recent visit to the doctor. Let me back up a little.

Elizabeth has been making several trips to the doctor over the past few weeks. She had a bladder infection that she just can't seem to get rid of. I think we've licked it this time though, because we haven't heard anything from the lab. For anyone interested, just ask how the get a sample of urine from a two year old. It's not fun! Anway, we also had a 'well visit' where she was weighed, measured, checked out, and declared to be in good health. Yay! It's also procedure that at two, the doctor makes an educated guess as to how tall a child will be when fully grown. Our doctor predicted that Elizabeth will be about six foot three!!! That's as tall as Curtis. :-) Anyone know the number for the WNBA?

Because of all the trips to take care of the bladder infection, Elizabeth is now a little anxious about going to the doctor. When I told her that we were going to take Micah to the doctor, she looks at my, tears filling her eyes, and say, "No more! Micah's turn!!"

Well visits for babies are a little more exciting, since they always require immunizations. I tried to explain to Elizabeth what would be happening to Micah. She told me that she would be my helper. We get to the doctor, and go through the whole weighing and measuring thing. Micah (at 16 weeks) weighs a whopping 19 lbs!!! He is 26 1/4 in. long, which means he has just about our grown his infant car seat. He is in the 95% on height, and over the 95% for weight. Such a big boy! The doctor also declared his very healthy, and ready for his shots. I'll leave out all the details about the crying, the tears, and the little bit of blood.

As we're leaving, Elizabeth asked the nurse if she could have a sticker since, "Elizabeth big helper!" When the nurse asked what she had done to help, Elizabeth said, "Micah got booboo, Micah got SHOT!" It was too funny. I quickly reassured the nurse that Micah got A shot. That one little letter, "a" made a big difference!

Elizabeth is such a sweet big sister. She loves comforting her "baby brudder" when he's upset. And he absolutely loves her! When he's fussing, she'll go into his room, climb on his crib, and ask, "What's wrong baby, what's wrong?" When he continues to cry, she replies will, "It's okay baby, I know, I know, it's okay, just changing you!" We are very blessed that she is so sweet to her brother. I look forward to seeing the relationship that they will have some day, since the relationship they have right now is so sweet.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Carbon Copies

Even when Elizabeth was little, everyone was always telling me how much we looked alike. I never really saw it until she was about ten months old. I love it when people tell me that Elizabeth looks like me. Maybe it's just Mommy pride, I'm not sure.

Poor Curtis on the other hand, never got those compliments. That is, until we had Micah. I think this is one of the sweetest picture of the two of them together. Anyone see a resemblance?!?! What handsome boys!

4th of July

I would have to say that this year was one of the most fun 4th of Julys that I've had! Curtis and I were able (thanks to my wonderful sister, Shannon) to take a little over night trip to a bed and breakfast. More on the kids' time with Aunt Shannon to come!

We spent the evening with our good friends the Findleys and the Nickles. Our All American Meal consisted of hamburgers, hot dogs, all the fixings, and apple pie! After dinner, we (we being the kids and mommys) all got into the Findleys little pool. It was a little chilly, and apparantly too chilly for poor Stephen, who stayed in the pool for about a minute. He preferred staying with the Dad's where it was nice and dry.

Here's the only picture we have of Stephen in the water. The pool was for the girls!

Alexis and Elizabeth, splashing each other

Playing with Ms. Christi

Micah, Alexis and Elizabeth

Stephen tried to convince him that the pool was for girls, but Micah didn't seem to care.

Micah and Elizabeth with Ms. Kristy

After pool and pie, we went to the highschool stadium, to watch the fireworks at the Bush Library. As we're at the top of aluminum bleachers, we start feeling little rain drops. Then, to the left of where the fireworks were, we began seeing natural fireworks (lightning). Great! We're only standing on the biggest lightning rod ever! But, thankfully, the rain and the lightning stayed away, we saw the fireworks, and had a wonderful end to our day. Elizabeth was our little narrator for the entire fireworks show. "Look!! Sparkle come up! Pop! Ovals! Green, red, yellow!" It was so funny. She has since enjoyed telling her aunts and grandparents about the fireworks. "See more next year," is always how she concludes her recount of the evening.

I LOVE this face! Alexis, waiting for the "works".

Awww! Aren't they sweet?!?! Stephen and Elizabeth walking to the bleachers.

Elizabeth, looking for fireworks with the Nickles.