Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy birthday, Micah!


Happy birthday, Mighty Micah!  We are so thankful to have you in our family, and to call you our son.  Every day, you make us so proud, bring us such joy, and show others your caring heart.  It is a delight to be your mommy.  May God richly bless and keep you as you continue to grown into a man who loves the Lord.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Run, Daddy!!!

This past Sunday, the kids and I watched as Curtis crossed the finish line in his first half marathon.  More significantly then that, we watched him work hard towards his goal, push through and injury, not give up, and obtain a goal that he'd set for himself.  

 The above picture was taken after we arrived to the race location, shortly after I explained the term, "crack of dawn" to the kiddos.  Curtis and I got our day started at 5am and by 6am all six of us were bundled up, heading to the starting line.

Curtis had been training with a group of people who were also racing in the Armadillo Dash.  They all wore shirts from our local running store, Brazos Running.  His shirt happened to match the Brazos running shirt I already had!  Don't we look cute in our matching shirts?!

 The kids were so excited to cheer their Daddy on!  I gather several different ideas for posters, and the day before the race, the kids and I made the signs, with help from a friend.  Making posters seems like such a simple gesture, but it really gave the kids a way to be involved and feel like an encouragement to Curtis.

 The call came for the 1/2 marathon runners to line up, and the kids and I headed to the stands to see him off.
 After we saw him start, we headed to the car to warm up, eat breakfast and kill some time.  On our way to the finish line, we had a moment to pose with an armadillo.  Who wouldn't want to take advantage of that?!
 At the beginning of his training, Curtis was hoping to run the 1/2 in just under 2 hours.  Just a few weeks into training, his calf started giving him some problems.  He had to back off his training, causing him to feel like he wouldn't be able to break 2 hours.  So the kids and I lined up, hoping to see him cross that finish line in less than two hours....

 AND HE DID!!!  His official time was 1 hour 55 minutes 18 seconds!!!

I'm so very proud of Curtis and this accomplishment!  I admire his diligence and hard work.
Notice my shirt change?  I had a friend help me make a shirt that said, "My husband can run 13.1, can yours?"  Curtis had seen it on line, but I convinced him we wouldn't be able to get it in time and that it was way to expensive.  I surprised him at the finish line, wearing it.  The plan is that he'll have a similar shirt when I finish my first half marathon.


Monday, March 04, 2013

Spooky Story: by Timothy

"Want to hear a spooky story?" my snuggly three year old sweetly asked.  When I confirmed that I did indeed want to hear a spooky story, he put his little flashlight under his chin and began, "Once upon a time there were three brother.  Their names were Micah, Benjamin and Timothy.  Their names were Batman.  And they traveled to sand castles.  In the sand castle was an evil witch with a blue diamond."

The end

Not really.... here's another

"Once upon a time there were two boy names mommy and Timothy.  And their names were Spiderman and Bathman.  And they traveled to an evil dessert where there were green guys.  And they fought the green guys and the green guys died.  Then there was an evil queen with a diamond.  And they killed the queen."

The end

He's still going around, telling various spooky stories to anyone who will listen.