Friday, December 05, 2014

Christmas Cards Pictures

I love Christmas Card pictures.  I love planning what the kids will wear, picking a theme, having fun, sending them out.... I just love it.  I also love receiving Christmas Cards.  This year, however, I will not be sending out Christmas cards.  But when a moment of inspiration hit, I just had to take Christmas card pictures for the non existent cards I'm not sending out.
I can't even... how CUTE are these four?!

And then, I just had to take a walk down memory lane and remember some of the other adorable Christmas care pictures we've sent out since becoming a family of six.

 (2010, this picture was taken by a friend)
 (2010, I took this one)
 (2011, I took this one)
 (2012, I took this one and had editing help from a friend)
 (2013, this one was professionally taken)

I wonder how long it will take me to run out of ideas for these. :-) 

A very Aggie Thanksgiving

This year for Thanksgivng we didn't go to Kansas.  We didn't go to Oklahoma City.  We didn't even go to Wichita Falls.  Since we'll be traveling a lot in December, we chose to stay home and celebrate a very Aggie Thanksgiving.

Our celebration started with a trip to Student Bonfire.  Since the the collapse of Bonfire in '99, any Bonfire has been sponsored by students, off campus.  Curtis was able to attend Bonfire while it was still on campus, but the kids and I had never whitnessed this Aggie tradition.  The day before Thanksgiving, we loaded up the van, joined by one of our favorite Aggies, Callie, and headed out to witness Bonfire.


  At 8pm, we were all ready!  Then, and announcer came on the loudspeaker and told us that they would be starting late, allowing time for people who'd been stuck in traffic.  At this point, the kids were SO ready to get this show on the road.  But, like the troopers they are, they hung in there till the speaker started at about 8:30.  We then all participated in a few Yells.  Then, at about 9pm, the red pots lit Bonfire.  It was incredible!  Well worth the wait.


 Though we anticipated getting stuck in traffic on our way home, we did NOT expect to be in stand still traffic for an hour and a half!  Turns out we were in the "Sit in your car and watch Bonfire line" not the "Head home with sleep kids" line.
 Early Thanksgiving morning, we headed out to volunteer at a local Turkey Trot.  We had a blast! With all the races Curtis and I have done, they've turned into little racing experts.
 After watching the parade and eating breakfast, we loaded up and headed to the destination of our Thanksgiving meal.

 Yes!  We went to Kyle Field and tailgated for Thanksgiving!  We join the RUF tailgate.  Our RUF minister and his family were there and we greatly enjoyed our time with them.

 Our Thanksgiving FEAST!!!  You name it, Ben grilled it to perfection.

Though we had a great time tailgating, it was rather eventful.  Timothy ate too much, then played football.  He got sick.  Benjamin joined some college students in a game of Ultimate.  He got a bloody nose.  Micah dropped a huge rock on his toe.  He'll be losing that toenail in the future.  And I got smacked in jaw by Timothy's head.  Curtis and Elizabeth made it through unscathed.
 Even though it wasn't a traditional Thanksgiving, I was reminded how much I truly do have to be thankful for.  I have an amazing husband, who lovingly goes along with all my crazy plans.  I have four healthy, beautiful children, who are growing in grace and are always up for an adventure.  I have an amazing church family with whom I can celebrate holidays and not feel lonely, missing my real family.  I have parents and sisters who love me, call me, and share in the fun I'm having, even if it is hundreds of miles away.  I'm a part of a great community.  But more than all that, I am loved with an everlasting, saving love.