Saturday, January 26, 2013

2012: The year of the runner

While 2012 will probably always be remembered as the year was found ourselves being investigated by CPS, and navigating the horrible waters of having a child sexually molested, there were, of course many bright spots.

And, even though it's the end of January, I'm going to do some themed posts about what I loved about 2012.  Because God is good.  God is faithful.  And we're still standing!!!!

2012 was the year I really fell in love with running.  Curtis has always been a runner.  I remember when we would have fights during our courtship or engagement, he would run off the stress and frustration that he was feeling towards me.  And to this day, when I can tell that he's getting a little cranky, I'll tell him, "Go on a run, and come home happy, please."  Works like a charm.

Since Curtis was already an avid runner, it's no surprise that he started our Year of the Runner off with a bang, completing the first, the longest, and the most challenging race.  The Tough Mudder.

Once I was sure that he would live through this accomplishment, I suddenly found myself drawn to these mud runs that I knew nothing about.  So, I signed up for a Warrior DashThe day didn't go at all as I was expecting, but I did it!!

As the weather warmed up, my running slowed down.  All my memories of running in the late spring and early summer are memories of me trying to run away from my problems, talking with God, crying out to God for help.  I'm continually amazed by how God allows us to cry out to Him, and thankful that I found that opportunity in running.

Since my sister, Shannon, had just come home from Austrailia, and my other sister, Megan, and I were all going to be in Kansas at the same time for the first time in 18 months, we decided to do a 5K to commimerate the event.  We even had shirts made.

This 5K wasn't about our time.  It was about my sisters and I having the opportunity to do something together.  And I had a blast!

At the beginning of the school year, there was a shooting here in College Station.  For our quiet community, it was quite a shock.  As only a quiet little community can, we rallied together for a Family Fun Run.  Our entire family participated in the 1 mile run, which happened to my our kiddos' first experience running a race.

Though Benjamin quickly learned that he does not have a love for running, it was a fun time for our family, and a great cause.

Later in the fall, Curtis conquered ANOTHER Tough Mudder.  Seriously, the man is a beast!
And on a lighter, more colorful note, I participated in a Color Run.  Seriously, it's the most fun you'll ever have when running.

It was a GREAT running year for Curtis and I!!  But last year has nothing on 2013.  Here's what we have on our calendar for 2013.

On March 3rd, Curtis will compete his first even half marathon (without mud :-)) as he runs in the Armadillo Dash.

On March 23rd, I will run in the Girls Just Want To Have Fun 5K.  I'm excited for this race because though it will be fun, I've set a time goal for myself, and intend to run the entire course.

On April 13th, Curtis and I will race together, along with several friends, in the Fightin' Texas Mud Run, the first local mud run.

We don't have anything else officially on our plates again till the fall.  Then, I start to work towards my goal of running a half marathon, on December 8th.  The BCS Marthon/Half Marathon has a couple races leading up to the half, which I plan on participating in.  There will be a 10K on September 28th, a 10 mile race on November 2nd, all leading up to the half marathon.

And rumor has it, that Curtis and I, along with his college room mate, Daniel, will be doing a Tough Mudder in October.  We'll see if I feel like squeezing that in, along with all the other races I'll be doing.

Here's to a healthy, fast, injury free 2013, full of new adventures in racing!