Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day, come and gone.

Three years ago, Father's Day was on Elizabeth's birthday. I posted a little early about the many Father's that I have been blessed with in my life; my Daddy, Curtis, my father-in-law, and my Papas.

This year for Father's Day, we drove to Altus, OK. As I was sitting next to my Dad, in the funeral home, I was reminded that it was Father's Day. He had just lost his Dad, and my Mom was going through her first Father's Day without her Daddy. It just plain sucked!

My wandering mind went back three years, to the Father's Day on Elizabeth's birthday. And to the montage of pictures with these special men. And now, there are even more special memories! Memories with Timothy and his Great-Papas and more memories of Elizabeth, Micah and Benjamin.

Happy late Father's day!!! I am incredibly thankful for the men in the montage, the memories the my children and I have with them, and for the loving care of my Heavenly Father when life just sucks.


8 short weeks after we lost my Papa Kerry, my Papa Jimmie passed away. As I sat at his funeral, the 3rd family funeral I'd attended in 6 months, I found myself overwhelmed with sweet memories. And the above picture easily sums up several memories of Papa. His recliner, in the same corner of the living room that it had always been in. An OSU t-shirt. His sweet, slight smile. His hands. The table behind him, set for a meal that he and Grandma had planned for us all.

As I entered another stage of grief, I found myself thinking that it was all just too much. It's too much, and too hard to lose both my Papas in such a short amount of time. It's been heartbreaking to watch my Grandmas become widows. But God has been gracious to remind me of his never ending, sustaining love, that has carried me through the grief process before. Though sad, I am confident that my Savior is loving and has a plan in all this.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh me, oh my.

May was a very crazy month. Lots of fun, but really crazy. As we looked ahead to June, we knew it would be equally crazy. However, we looked forward to knowing that we didn't have anything going on for Memorial Day weekend. Until our AC went out.

Then I left for Atlanta, Georgia to meet my newest nephew the following Thursday. We had several friends who offered their help to us during this time, and were blessed by a lady in our church who opened her home to us.

The AC was fixed on Friday after Memorial Day, Curtis and the kids "moved back home" on Saturday, and I came home from Atlanta on Sunday, after a five hour delay in Atlanta.

On Thursday, June 9th, the kids and I headed to Wichita to help my mom with VBS since my dad was going to be out of town.

During all this, my Papa Johnston suffered two heart attacks. His health started to rapidly decline, and he entered congestive heart failure.

So Curtis is in College Station, holding down the fort there. The kids and I are in Wichita, helping with VBS. My dad is out of the country. And we're just waiting to see when Papa will pass away. I'm feeling weary from all that life has offered to us in the past few weeks, but trying to rest in God's perfect plan.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Chaos and sweetness

Our life is chaos right now. Total chaos. So much chaos that I'll have to write a blog just about all the chaos. But since I don't really want to do that, here are some pictures of Timothy at this first day of Sunday school. Sweet, sweet, sweet big boy!