Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Month of LOVE Day 9

 I absolutely love these four!!

Monday, February 08, 2016

Day of LOVE Day 8

I love a good sale!

Between the three boys, I got 2 pairs of pajamas, 2 character hoodies, 3 short sleeved shirts and 9 long sleeved shirts for just under $75!

I also love that my kids were just as excited about my purchases as I was. Elizabeth exclaimed, "Wow!!!  You didn't even hit $100! That's impressive for Target."

Indeed it is!

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Month of LOVE Day 7

I love these friends.

I love the memories that we have with them for the past 17 years.

I love that they've shared some of the best moments in life with us.

I love the way they've walked through fire with us.

I love that our kids have friendships with each other.

I love that we're all missing watching the Superbowl or chick flicks with each other right now.

I love that we get to see them next month!!!

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Month of LOVE Day 6

I love watching my kids play sports.

Sure, there are days when I wonder what the heck we've gotten ourselves into. Between the practices, the games, the traveling for away games, the washing of jerseys, the coordinating of carpools, the texting.... whew!!! It's enough to wear a girl out.

But it's worth it.

I love seeing how sports help my kids grow and mature. I love seeing how they learn life lessons through sports. I love seeing the friendships they form. I love seeing them succeed. I love being the one to give them pep talks and hugs when they fail. I love to show them how they are winners even when the score board doesn't say they are.

I recently read an article about "why I don't pay for dance". Basically, it was about how as parents, we don't pay for dance lessons (or sports) but for the opportunity that dance (or sports) provides. That is EXACTLY how I look at it. I don't just pay for sports for the sake of watching my kids play. As a family we do sports because of the life long lessons that the kids learn when playing. 

Sports is more than just a game and a score. And I love seeing my kids have the opportunities that sports provide. 

Friday, February 05, 2016

Month of LOVE Day5

I love getting fresh air.

I love having friends who listen.

Month of LOVE Day 4

I love hearing the sound of my kids playing together. Goodness knows there are moments when laughter turns to frustration and anger. But more often than not, the kids are friends and not enemies. More often than not, there's laughter and not tears. More often than not, I'm enjoying what I hear.

These moments of pure joy are fleeting, I've been a parent long enough to realise that. And from my understanding, one of these days my home will be quiet. Though there are times when I b wish for some quiet, I'm deeply thankful for the sweet sounds in the backyard.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Month of LOVE Day 3

I love waking up to the smell of coffee.

And on mornings when I wake up and haven't slept well, or wake up feeling overwhelmed by the day before me, I especially love waking up to the smell of coffee that I didn't have to make!

Today was extra special because Curtis had cold coffee to take to work and didn't need to make a fresh pot. But he did. Because he loves me. And he knew I had a busy day and hadn't slept well. I so appreciate and love those daily acts of service and love!

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Month of LOVE Day 2

I love Timothy!

To be totally real for a moment, let me explain that this little guy was the one who sent me into my frantic praying yesterday. This little guy is why 1 Corinthians 13 came to mind during my time of prayer. And this little guy is making me CRAZY. I don't understand the way his brain works. I don't understand his words (or lack of words!). I don't understand his actions. I don't understand what motivates him. I don't understand his heart or how to discipline and get to his heart. 

At first Curtis and I decided it was just a phase. We have now decided that this is not a phase but rather a steamy hot mess. 

I'm struggling with how to show Timothy Christ, the gospel and grace. And then 1 Corinthians came to mind. Love is patient, kind and not easily irritated. 

Of course I love Timothy! But now the challenge is to show him my love even when he's being unlovable.

So happy birthday, Timothy! I hope this year that I will be able to show you how much a love you, even when you're making me crazy.