Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A day in the life of Elizabeth

Elizabeth had a very busy day today. Thankfully, she is feeling better, but unfortunately, that means she is back to her regular busy self. Here is a sampling of our day.

After we came back from the grocery store, Elizabeth went to the bathroom. She comes out saying, "Oh, no Mommy!" I look to see that she has Vaseline all over her hands. I call my mom to help her, since I was with Micah, and right by furniture that I didn't want to get messed up. Mom takes Elizabeth to the bathroom, which is also covered in Vaseline. Mom sighs, and Elizabeth offers to help "fix it." Fixing it entailed her smearing the Vaseline in her hair. I should have taken a picture of how greasy and gross she looked.

This evening, at dinner, Elizabeth offered to pray. Here's how it went. "Oh Father, thank you for this food, and that food. Bless this food " she pauses while I laugh a tiny bit and resumes a little louder, "bless this food to nourish out bodies. Praise God that I didn't say pee-pee or toot. Thank you for family that is together. Amen!" do I hear an amen from anyone else?!?

After her bath, where I scrubbed all the Vaseline out of her hair, I put her down for the evening. She had a short nap, so she was a little crazy by this time. The end of a long day is near, and both kids are in bed. I lay down to take a breather. Suddenly, Elizabeth cries out. She's somehow managed to go potty all over herself and her bed. I change her, her bed, and tell her to go to the bathroom. She does. While she's doing that, I try to finish getting everything ready to put her down... again. I go to get her out of the bathroom, and guess what she has done. Put more Vaseline on her face and of course, her newly cleaned hair.

As I sat here, typing this blog, a sweet little face suddenly appeared over my shoulder. "What you doing Mommy?" Scared me to DEATH! Elizabeth then proceeds to scale the couch, into my lap, and tell me that she wants to wait up for Daddy. I pick her up, and tell her that she needs to go back to bed. "One book, Mommy?" Sure. "Let's read the dirty book, Mommy!" What on earth?!?! Thankfully, it was a book, literally, about dirt. She is currently in bed, counting. Perhaps she's counting sheep and will go to sleep soon.

So, right now, go call your mom, and tell her thank you for putting up with all your toddler antics.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


When: 3:30 am
Where: Krajca house
RSVP to Micah and Elizabeth

Apparently, Curtis and I missed this invitation, and had a rude awakening when both kids were awake and not that happy in the middle of the night.

Micah had actually been having a really good night, which we are thankful for. The medicine seems to be helping him a lot. Unfortunately, the hyperness that we were expecting is coming in the form of uncontrollable sobbing. It's like he knows that he is sleepy, but he just can't sleep, so he cries.... a lot!

Elizabeth had been doing great. But then, she didn't take a nap yesterday. We put her down last night, thinking that she would sleep really well. At 10 pm, she woke up screaming. It took Curtis taking her outside to wake her up enough to calm her down. She did that again at midnight. Then at 3:30, party time! Both kids were up for an hour at that point. Elizabeth woke up another time, around 5:00 am. And did I mention that while she was up at 3:30, we took her temp and it was almost 102?

So, needless to say, the Krajcas are TIRED!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Update on the sickos

Well, one out of two is better! Elizabeth is doing great!

Micah on the other hand.....

On Sunday night, he got a high temp. I called the doctor's office, and they said to take him to the emergency room (since that was the only thing open at that point!). Micah and I spent three hours at the ER, just to learn what I already suspected, ear infection.

Monday was a long day of Micah just not doing great, not sleeping well, not eating.

So today, I took him to the pediatrician. Bronchitis. So now, he's on three prescription medications, and Tylenol to keep his temp in check. One of the meds makes him hyper, and the doctor told me to not be surprised if he doesn't sleep for the next few days. Fun!

So keep sweet Micah in your prayers. And me too!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Why I'm not at church

This weekend might win "The Longest Weekend Ever" award.

It all started on Thursday, when Elizabeth woke up from her nap with a low grade temp.

By Friday, she had diarrhea and a low grade temp.

By Saturday, she was still the same. Micah didn't want to miss out on the fun, so he developed a rash from his nose to his knees, had green snot coming out his nose, and a cough. Now, this cough was not just a little cough. By the evening, every time he coughed, he threw up.

Curtis and I didn't get to bed till 2 am this morning! Micah kept throwing up, and Elizabeth kept having "issues" and we had to change her sheets three times during the night.

So, being the caring people we are, we decided to stay home today, and keep our germs to ourselves! But, of course, today is the first nice day in over a week. I would much rather be at church worshipping, spending time with friends, anything but this!

Today has been about the same as yesterday. More diarrhea, and throwing up. Micah still has a rash, and both kids are very tired and whiny. Oh well, at least we have a good washing machine.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Playing Dress Up

Poor Micah! He and Elizabeth were playing dress up, and he got stuck with a ballet leotard on his head. He was not all that happy about his costume!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A five day weekend!

I LOVE the great state of Texas! The temp drops, you get some ice, and everything closes for two days! Curtis is home for the second day in a row, due to the icy roads, and that's on top of having MLK Day off on Monday. What fun!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Confused Elizabeth

Poor Elizabeth. She is a little sponge right now, and she sometimes goes on information overload.

After seeing the movie Monsters Inc. she has developed a "fear" of monsters. Mostly this fear emerges when the light is off and she doesn't want to go into a room. Curtis and I tried to explain to her that monsters are pretend and imaginary, God didn't make monsters, so they can't be real. That seemed to work for a while. As I'm reminding her of all this a day later I again tell her that God didn't make monsters so they aren't real. Elizabeth responds, "I know! Monsters made themselves!"

Since having the light on is a big deal, we frequently hear, "You turn light on, Daddy/Mommy?" Curtis had been asked to turn on the light in her bathroom, and was heading that way when she told him, "Actually, I have my chair. I do it myself."

Yesterday, we were reading a book about Noah, and how God protected him. Later that same day, we were talking about how God protects us. "God protects us in the ark," Elizabeth tells me.

Today, after Sunday school we asked Elizabeth what she learned. "God was sick." Huh? Knowing that there must be something lost in the whole story process, I ask her teacher what they had covered. The Good Samaritan. Well, at least she got something! The best lesson for Elizabeth was that she got a band-aid during the story.

So, needless to say, Curtis and I have been doing a lot of explaining and re-explaining.

Here's a picture of Elizabeth's latest act of mischeif. No, that's not lipstick, it's Sharpie marker.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Look what I can do...

Micah started our year off with a bang! On the first day of the year, he took his first steps while we were in Kansas. It was a true family affair with his Mommy, Daddy, big sister, Grandma, Grand-Daddy, Aunt Megan, and soon to be Unlce Matt, cheering him on.

Here are pics of those first few steps.