Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Festival

We enjoyed another wonderful time at the Fall Festival at church! I have more pictures, but here's a basic idea of what we did.....

Elizabeth had one goal in mind. Win a cupcake! And she did, on her first try! Once that goal was accomplished, she set out to get candy. Lots of candy! She also accomplished that goal, getting more candy than her brothers. More than the cupcakes and the candy, I think Elizabeth enjoyed spending her evening with her friends.
Micah really loved playing the games! He didn't have as much focus as his sister, and went from one game to the bounce house, back to another game, back to the bounce house, etc. He was our silver blur, always on the move! The stillest I ever saw him was when he was holding a ball python. GROSS!
I don't think Benjamin remember that Halloween is all about the candy. So when he got his first piece of candy, we was beyond excited! Rather than focusing on filling his bag, Benjamin focused on filling his tummy! He was stuffing something in his mouth every time I turned around. And of course it was never a hot dog, but rather CANDY!!!
My little lion hung out with me or Daddy for most of the night. Poor baby got so hot with his mane on that he didn't have fuzzy hair anymore! Once we took his mane off, he quickly settled down and fell asleep on a friend's shoulder. I think he had a fun first Halloween!
What's this? A good family picture?!? Shocking!!!
And Mommy and Daddy, with the token picture take by Curtis, despite the offers of help from the many adults around. If you think we look mischievous, it's because we're thinking about raiding the kids' candy after the go to sleep.... which is where I'm off to now!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Sneak Peak

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today my Momma went back to Kansas. She came into town last Friday, and in just six days brought so much encouragement, joy, love and special moments to our daily life. Special little moments like this.....I am truly blessed by my mom! Even though I'm (supposedly) all grown up, she's always there, willing to love, support, encourage and take care of me. After the busy fall schedule that we've been keeping, coupled with a teething baby, I needed her! Though it's always sad when she leaves, I find myself feeling refreshed, and ready to make it till Thanksgiving!

My hope and desire is to be the kind of mom that I've been blessed with.

Love you, Momma!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My boys

Morning time at the Krajca house for my boys.


Off to see the Wizard

Several weeks ago, Elizabeth and I went out for a girls' night with some of our very good friends. First, we went to dinner at Olive Garden. Then, it was off to see The Wizard of Oz!
Making the play even more fun, we had several friends in the cast.
Bella was in the play.
I don't know the Wicked Witch, but she was AMAZING!
Ms. Wendy was Glenda, the good witch. Elizabeth loves Ms. Wendy!
And nest of all, Hannah was Dorothy! She did an incredible job!
Elizabeth and I, waiting for the show to start.
Alexis, Elizabeth and Hannah. This was taken in the bathroom, which the girls thought was amazingly beautiful. Silly girls!
All the girls, on our night out!

Friday night lights

Curtis celebrated his 32nd birthday on the 15th. Shame on me for not posting about my wonderful husband!! But today, as I was going through my camera, I found these pictures.

Ad part of his birthday celebration, we went to a highschool football game. We had a BLAST!!! I tried to get a picture of Curtis with the kids. Didn't go well. But such is life with four young kids!

Peek A Boo

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010


I have a secret. I've become a Ranger's fan. After all my whining, and fussing, and gripping, I've actually found myself to be very excited about the Ranger's postseason.

Tonight is game 3 of the ALCS against the Yankees. Right now, it's 1-1. Even though I'm new to the whole Rangers phenomenon, Curtis has been a fan for just about his entire life. He is quick to quote stats, facts, and useless information. For example, this is the first time in 11 years that the Rangers have made it to the post season. Also, our win on Saturday was the first time in franchise history that the Rangers have won a home game during the post season.

Disclaimer: Even though I'm caught up in the whole Rangers phenomenon now, doesn't mean I will be as avid of a fan as my husband, come the regular season. I will probably go back to my whining, fussing and gripping. But until then, GO RANGERS!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Matching Jammies

Last year, while I was still pregnant with Timothy, I bought all four kids their first matching PJ's. I have a special place in my heart for matching jammies! This afternoon, we commemorated the cuteness of the day by taking the kids to Portrait Innovations and having the above picture taken. So pleased!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Timothy has entered a new phase of life. The phase where there is a world outside of the living room. A world where he can move from one room to another. A world where Mommy has to dig stuff out of his mouth. A world where he can get an object that he wants, simply by crawling. And a world where he pulls stuff off shelves and makes trouble......Here's what it looked like when the damage was done.
Don't be fooled by this sweet face. He's Trouble, with a capital T!!!
Timmy the Terror! His reign has begun. :-)

And honestly, I'm kinda loving it! I love seeing him become less of a baby as more and more of his sweet personality comes through. He sure is keeping me on my toes!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Care to guess....

What my children are proudly holding?
(the way Elizabeth is holding it, but not holding it close could be a hint)
Leave a comment, and let me know what you think it is......

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pee Wee Baseball

As a family, we are BIG fans of the Pee Wee Sports program the city of Bryan offers. Elizabeth and Micah both played soccer. This fall, Benjamin tried his hand at baseball. It was a huge success!

Tonight, they scrimmaged for the entire "practice". Benjamin had a blast, and actually did a really good job.

When he went up to bat, Benjamin hit the ball the first time! That was an improvment over last week. :-)
My favorite part of the night was when Benjamin went for a catch in the "out-field".....
... and the ball bounced off his face. He quickly recovered, and threw the ball to first.

Towards the end of the scrimmage, the coach let all the kids "hit a home-run". It was so cute! Here's Benjamin, heading home.

With a slide, he's SAFE!!!

One of Benjamin's favorite things was that one of his best buddies, Will, was also there. Will is three days older than Benjamin. These two are so cute together.
And really, they love each other. :-)

Benjamin loved playing baseball and he was such a joy to watch. I have a feeling this might become a big part of life at the Krajca house.