Saturday, February 28, 2009

This and That Saturday

It's already been a busy day here at Casa de Krajca! Here are the boys looking quite adorable in their matching outfits. I think they look like little track stars!
Elizabeth and I had some girl time today. She got a much needed hair cut, then we went shopping at Claire's. I love having a little girl! Before
After (with her fake smile and new head band)
After the boys take a nap, we are heading to a birthday party for a friend. I made a couple bows, which turned out super cute.

After the birthday party, we are heading home to have some of the youth from church over for part of their progressive dinner. We're looking forward to getting to know some of them better. Once they leave for the next part of their dinner, our friends the Ackermans are staying for dinner.

I love Saturdays!! Especially ones where we are productive, yet have a great time.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Family Fun Night

Thursday nights are one of the only nights in the week where we don't have scheduled events. We try to take advantage of this time, and spend time together as a family, doing something we can all enjoy. And if it's something that makes the kids tired, that's an added bonus!!

On Thursday nights, at The Bounce, on Thursday nights, they have a great deal where you can pay for a large pizza, 2 large drinks, to small drinks, and two children to bounce for about $23. It's a great deal! We have a bounce card that my mom got us. She paid for several bouncing sessions ahead of time. So last night, we only had to pay for our pizza and our drinks!! It was so cheap!

Here are some pictures from our fun night.

Do I have children, or basketballs???

Elizabeth in one of the bounce houses, with a mouth full of pizza.

Benjamin, enjoying his pizza!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Looking on the bright side.

Today has been one of those days. The kind of day where I've wondered if it would be best to send my children to Grandma's via FedEx or UPS. And it's in the midst of days like this, that I have to remind myself of ALL that I have to be thankful for. And since I have a feeling days like this are going to keep coming, I thought I'd post my thoughts.

1. I can think of several women who would give just about anything to have just one little, blond headed boy tearing apart their house. And I have two!! Thank you Lord!!!

2. I'm thankful that my children are healthy enough to be running around the house, emptying book shelves, destroying the freshly swept and mopped floor with coffee grinds and pancake mix, squeezing toothpaste all over the bathroom.

3. I'm thankful that my children are intelligent enough to learn how to open doors (even door WITH the child lock) at 21 months.

4. I'm thankful that my children love me, and want to be with me, and want me to hold them. Even if it means I feel like I never get one moment in peace.

5. I'm thankful that my children can communicate, even when I think my ear might fall off from all the talking one particular little girl can do.

6. I'm thankful that my children can run, even if it mean they are running away from me. Sometimes, they run to me, just to get a hug or give a kiss.

7. I'm thankful that my children have each other, even though they often fight, fuss, and cause trouble. I pray that they will continue to be each other's best friends.

8. I'm thankful for their sweet, dirty little finger, even when their finger do bad things or pick their noses.

9. I'm thankful that my children have senses of humor, even when I have to hear the same made up knock-knock joke for the 100th time.

10. I'm thankful for laughter, which fills my house and my life more often than not.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Boys, Oh Boys!

This is the kind of stuff that happens in a house with two boys, only 14 months apart.
I don't know how. I don't know who (but I have narrowed it down to the dynamic duo). And I don't know when.
And while I was blogging, Benjamin found something else to destroy.

(he's holding one of the "slats" to the DVD cabinet.)

In his defense it was already partially broken, he just finished the job. And see that lollipop he's holding. I didn't give it to him!

Boys are full of mischief and destruction! Micah is currently walking around the house pretending to be Handy Manny, so it all kinda works out.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today we went to a birthday party at Carousel Acres Equestrian Center for a friend of Elizabeth's. The highlight of the party was the horse rides that the kids got to take. Tons of fun!! All three kids had a blast on their first horse rides.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A morning with children.....

My children are in the living room, fighting to defeat...... I love having kids!! Life is way more exciting when the day starts with a good battle.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sometimes I really like my camera

This post is especially for Aunt Shannon, who dubbed my last post too wordy. Here you go Shannon, more cuteness and less words!!!
Look at those eye lashes!

Playing in the dirt is serious stuff!

Could the two of them be any sweeter??

And this one just makes me laugh! Yep, he's totally sticking grass up his nose.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This year, in the fall, Elizabeth starts kindergarten! I can't even believe that my baby girl will be turning five and starting school this year. Along with this realization has come some big decisions for Curtis and I on behalf of our family. And though we know no decision we make has to be permanent, we want to be prayerful and wise in decisions about our children's eduction.

As you may remember, we are planning on homeschooling. It's been amusing to me to hear people's responses to this news. Most have been positive, which is very encouraging. But what's really surprised me is what people THINK our motivation to homeschool is. I've compiled a list of reasons to homeschool that have NOT influenced us.

Reason to homeschool that are NOT our reasons to homeschool.
1. We don't like the public schools. There are great public schools in the area. I would feel comfortable sending Elizabeth to the elementary school that she would be going to.
2. I can't bear the thought of having Elizabeth away from me. Often times, I find myself thinking, "I could be sending her to school next year! I could have one less child and that much more freedom.
3. I can do a better job of teaching the children. I am scared to death of being responsible for my child's education! I could blow it big time. I am fully aware of the fact that there are teacher who are probably a lot more qualified to be teaching certain subjects than I am. Thankfully, we never stop learning, and I can learn right beside my children!
4. It's logical, since I was homeschooled. The fact that I was homeschooled has nothing to do with our decision. The fact that Curtis went to a public school has nothing to do with our decision. I don't think that if we homeschool, our children will turn out okay. Just like I don't' think that public schools would ruin our children.
5. We feel the need to protect and shelter them. To a certain degree, we do feel the need to protect and shelter our children. We don't desire to completely shelter them from all the wrong and bad things in the world. Our desire is to expose them to things when we think they're ready, in a manner that we see appropriate.

The main reason we are going to homeschool is because that is what God is calling us to do. Our decision is based in obedience. I firmly believe that homeschooling is not for everyone, just like not everyone is called to be a stay at home parent. But I am called to be a stay at home mom. And I'm also called to homeschool. Despite the fact that it would be simpler, cheaper, and might even help my sanity to send the kids to a public school, that wouldn't be obedience for me.

Another reason we are homeschooling is because we want our children to have a Christian world view. We want them to see Christ in every area of the lives, especially in the way and what they learn. Our goal is to be the main impact on our children, rather than teachers and peers spending more time with them. And for us, that translates to homeschooling.

We know that we will have to continually re-evaluate our decision. Every year, for every child, we will seek God's will. So our decision to homeschool is for now, for Elizabeth, and till God tells us something else.

Disclaimer: I know homeschooling isn't for everyone. I don't think parents who don't homeschool are choosing to put their children in a bad, ungodly situation and are therefore bad parents. Curtis wasn't homeschooled, and he turned out fine (though we can't really use that logic since I was homeschooled and turned out fine as well). I know many awesome families with wonderful kids in the public schools.

Another disclaimer: We don't think homeschooling will solve all the problems that we have with our children. We know that homeschooling won't get our children (or us) into heaven. We don't think that homeschooling is an insurance policy that buys us children who will grow into good adults.

My goal with this post wasn't to elevate homeschooling to some high level and tell how bad public schools are. My desire was to share what God has laid on my heart for our family.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Part 2

Our day started out with some little presents from Mommy and Daddy, pancakes and bacon! Despite the fact that the kids were all up till 10:30, they were all awake by 7:30, and one (guess who) was awake before 7! For lunch, we had a McValentines day lunch and our favorite family eatery.
I kid you not, she came down the slide, saw the camera, and struck a pose.

Micah was a little less concerned about how he looked for the camera.
Once we got home, it was nap time for everyone! After naps, we did a little Valentine's Day project (keep your eyes opened grand and great parents!). Following our project, we had all worked together to make dinner!
Pizza!! One, thanks to Daddy, was even heart shaped! Very tasty.
After dinner, the kids enjoyed heart lollipops, which was part of their present from the morning.
Benjamin enjoyed his lollipop.
She worked hard, and ate a good dinner to get that lollipop!
"What do you mean it's too big to bite ??"

It was a sticky end to a great day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Part 1

Today we began our Valentine's Day celebrations! Elizabeth had several of her church friends over for a "fancy Valentine's day tea party." We had decorations, lunch, and all the little girls looked adorable in their outfits.

The desserts! Fun-fetti cupcake with pink icing and red and white sprinkles with hearts AND heart shaped rice krispie treats with pink heart sprinkles.All the girls enjoying their lunch.

Elizabeth and Piper

Elizabeth and Alexis

Mommy and a so very happy Elizabeth (really, she was about to smile, we just missed it my a second!)

And THE BOYS!!! Don't they all look dashing in their red shirts?!

Then it was time for Curtis and I to have a date! This was the first time we'd been out since our anniversary (Dec. 30th), so it was a much anticipated time! First, we dropped the kids off with a friend. Being able to drop the kids off, and have her worry about dinner made the evening so much less stressful than if a babysitter was coming over!
We started our evening with a trip to Texas Roadhouse. YUM!!!!
Then it was off to the movies, where we saw New in Town, a very cute movie, perfect for date night!
After the movie, we had a little more time, so we ran to Target to pick up a few things for tomorrow's festivities! It's been a great day, and I can't wait for tomorrow.

A box from Grandma

My Mom is really great about sending the kids little, fun things in the mail. It's nice, because the we don't feel so far away!

Earlier this week, we got not one, but two boxes from Grandma. She send us Valentine's Day presents, odds and ends that she had picked up for the kids (and me!), and curtains for Elizabeth's room and the boy's room.

Here are a couple pictures of the kids digging into their treats!

And here are a couple pictures of the adorable curtains that my mom made for the boys room. So cute!

Thanks, Mom, for everything you do for us. We all love, and appreciate you, so much!