Sunday, May 12, 2013

Run Mommy, run!

 For weeks leading up to my frist 5K of the year, my AWESOME friend, Erin, trained with me.  We ran with each other, we encouraged each other, we held each other accountable, and basically, she just helps me run fast!!

I set some very specific goals for this 5K.  I wanted to be a specific weight and I wanted to run the 5K in less than 35 minutes.

This race was a girls only 5K, and such a blast.  The route was right by Erin's house, so training was simple.  We had the opportunity to run it several times before race day, knew what to expect, and felt good about our goals.  It also helped that we had an awesome cheering section made up of our (combined) six kiddos, my awesome husband, and one very helpful friend.

 I felt like we were killing it!  I checked my phone, and it said we were on an 8 min mile pace.  WHAT?!  That messed me up mentally.  Then, at about the 2 mile mark, my foot went totally numb.  I pushed as hard as I could for the last mile, but finished the race in 36.30.  So close!  To be that close and to have missed my goal was incredibly discouraging.

And then the pain in my foot started.  We went back to Erin's house where I received my first ice bath of the weekend.
 These awesome girls came into town to party it up with me, and ran with Erin and I.
The experience was GREAT!  I had so much fun training with Erin and running with friends.  Also, the race itself was well run and lots o fun.  However, it was a somewhat discouraging weekend.  I missed my goal weight by about half a pound and 5K time my a minute and a half.

In the week following the race, I was very motivated to continue running and started planning my next 5K.  However, my foot had other ideas.  I've done a little bit of running, but overall, I've had to just take lots of time to get my foot back in shape.  My current goal is a 10K in September.  Once we see how that goes, I'm contemplating
a half marathon in December.  I was to continue to push myself as a runner.  But I also want to work on completing my weight loss goals and toning.  Like everything in life, it's a balance.  Here's to more balance, and a 10K!