Thursday, December 30, 2010

One Decade Later

On one hand, I can't believe that it has been 10 years already. It seems like just yesterday that Kierstyn and I were still both in college, just in our early 20s, and getting married. On the other hand, it is hard to believe that we have crammed so many things into that amount of time. We have experienced a lot of things in our 10 years of marriage, and while there are a few of them the I would have preferred to avoid, there is no one that I would have rather experienced them with besides my beautiful wife.

Lately, there has been a song on the radio that gets me thinking about my roles as a husband and father. It is with the lyrics to this song that I will conclude this blog post.

Sanctus Real - “Lead Me”

I look around and see my wonderful life
Almost perfect from the outside
In picture frames I see my beautiful wife
Always smiling
But on the inside, I can hear her saying...

“Lead me with strong hands
Stand up when I can't
Don't leave me hungry for love
Chasing dreams, what about us?

Show me you're willing to fight
That I'm still the love of your life
I know we call this our home
But I still feel alone”

I see their faces, look in their innocent eyes
They're just children from the outside
I'm working hard, I tell myself they'll be fine
They're independent
But on the inside, I can hear them saying...

“Lead me with strong hands
Stand up when I can't
Don't leave me hungry for love
Chasing dreams, but what about us?

Show me you're willing to fight
That I'm still the love of your life
I know we call this our home
But I still feel alone”

So Father, give me the strength
To be everything I'm called to be
Oh, Father, show me the way
To lead them
Won't You lead me?

To lead them with strong hands
To stand up when they can't
Don't want to leave them hungry for love,
Chasing things that I could give up

I'll show them I'm willing to fight
And give them the best of my life
So we can call this our home
Lead me, 'cause I can't do this alone

Father, lead me, 'cause I can't do this alone

Thank you, Kierstyn, for sharing your life with me over the past 10 years. I look forward to sharing many more decades with you as we continue to grow together. I love you, Beautiful. Happy Anniversary.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!

"The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. Out of his fullness we have all received grace upon grace." John 1:14 and 16

Saturday, December 18, 2010


What a week. What a whirl wind of a week we've had.

I'm sitting here trying to explain, process, and put words to what our family's been through.... especially my mom and grandma.... in the past week.

The plan Curtis and I originally had was to head to Kansas on the 23rd. Instead of heading to Kansas to celebrate, we headed on Oklahoma City to help my family go through the process of dealing with a death.

I think the most incredible thing that's happened this week has been seeing the change in my Uncle's life. He had struggled in so many areas for so many years. He'd had a really hard life. This fall, he made a profession of faith, and less than a month before his death, was baptized. As part of the service, they showed his pre-baptism interview, where he declared, "I've been filled with the Holy Spirit, and am a new man!" The joy on his face as he said those words..... I will never forget that. And then seeing his baptism was amazing as well.

The song that came to my mind was this song.

The chorus of this song will remind me of Uncle Chris, every time I hear it.
My chains are gone
I've been set free
My God, my Savior has ransomed me
And like a flood His mercy rains
Unending love, Amazing grace

Please continue to keep our family in your thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I love this time of year! But for some odd reason, Decembers are usually full of chaos, and to be blunt, crappy events. December is quickly falling from my favorite time of year, to one of my least favorite times.

A couple years ago, I blogged about the events that happened on or around December 20th, which is the anniversary of when Curtis and I got engaged. Let me add to that list.

2008 Curtis was working at his regular job, and also working at Academy, trying to save up some money so he could go back to school. He was at work all the time!

2009 Curtis graduated with his master's degree!! Though it was a time of celebration, it was also a very stressful month as I parented on my own.

And now, 2010. I was hoping we would be able to enjoy the time as a family. And though we have been enjoying this time of year, we're had a hard event take place in our family. This past Saturday, my uncle died, very suddenly. It was shocking and very hard for my mom and her family. My grandma is in the midst of radiation, fighting breast cancer. My Papa feel just before Thanksgiving, breaking his leg, and is currently in a rehabilitation center. My mom has been staying in Oklahoma City during the week to help her mom and dad, and then traveling back to Wichita on the weekends. It's been a really hard fall for our family, and this has been the hardest of all the events we've faces at this time.

Our plan was to leave next Thursday, the 23rd. We were going to make a stop in Wichita Falls, see Curtis' family, then head to Wichita for about 10 days. Now, we are leaving tomorrow. The funeral is Thursday afternoon, in OKC. We'll be staying there for a few days afterwards, then we'll head to Wichita.

I ask that you please keep our family in your prayers. Micah and Timothy both have double ear infections, we're all struggling with allergies/colds, we're tired and stressed, and we know that we're soon going to be entering a very emotional and stressful situation. Please pray that we would bless the people we're with, that our words with be full of grace and encouragement, and that we would be able to really focus on Christ during this time.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fa ra ra

Elizabeth is getting ready for her Christmas piano recital, which is in a week. One of the songs she's playing is Deck the Halls. Every time she plays it (which is a lot!!) I think of this.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Baby on the go

I took this video on October 26th. Less than two months ago.

Yesterday, Timothy took his first steps!! I'd forgotten how quickly phases pass in the first year. Thankfully, Timothy is still only taking a couple steps at a time, and I think walking is still a good while away. But I can't believe less than two months ago he was really getting the hang of crawling and pulling up.

Way to go, big guy!

Oh, and hopefully he'll be a little more cooperative this afternoon and evening and let me get a video of those sweet baby steps. :-)

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Conversation from in the trenches

Curtis walked into the house this evening, found me, and said, "Wow! Dinner smells great! What did you make?" Me, looking very haggard, "Frozen pizza." My sweet husband, "Oh. Well.... thanks!"

Such a sweet guy for trying to build me up. I just wish it had been something better than frozen pizza....

Monday, December 06, 2010

Back to the Manger

Last night, the kids' choir at church had their Christmas performance, Back to the Manger. It was about a group of kids who, while at church for a caroling event, accidentally travel back to the 40's, the 50's, the 70's and the 80's to learn the true meaning of Christmas.... the manger.

Just like last year, Elizabeth was quite an enthusiastic participant. :-) She did especially well with the twist (watch for the green "poodle" skirt).

1985, which was referred to as the Dark Ages :-) Elizabeth told Micah, "In the Dark Ages, they wore funny sunglasses that are really thin and don't have a piece for your nose." Funny home both Mommy and Daddy remember the Dark Ages!


Sunday, December 05, 2010

Friday, December 03, 2010

Fall Favorites

Christmas is only three weeks away! As I was clearing off the memory card from my camera, I was reminded of what an amazing fall it's been. There have been some pretty tough times, but that's not what I'm going to remember. Here's what I'm going to remember:
Thanksgiving, 2010

Gig 'em Aggies!!!

Benjamin's leaf from the Thankful Tree that Elizabeth made. He wrote his and his siblings initials, then asked me to write Mommy and Daddy. So sweet!
"God Provides" was our theme for this fall. God taught all six of us that even though we might not see how, HE is always working and providing.
The picture just above and just below were taken on a walk, here in TX. We were looking for signs of fall. It turned into a really fun, special memory.

Fall Fun!!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

3 years ago

Three years ago, I was packing and preparing to head to Austin for Benjamin's craniotomy. It was a very hard, very emotional, very exhausting day.

Three years ago tomorrow, was Benjamin's surgery. Though walking that road was hands down the hardest thing I've had to do, I think back to that day and simply see evidences of grace. God was so, so gracious and good to us!

Since Benjamin's surgery, I've been blessed to be contacted by several families who are walking similar roads. Curtis and I have hoped and prayed that our journey would minister and encourage others, even if their children weren't facing something like we faced. As you watch the video below, I hope you're able to see the mighty hand of God in our life. God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010