Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Wow! It's been a while since I've posted. Could it be that life at the Krajca house is calming down? No such luck! I think it's simply the fact that we are becoming immune to the chaos that surrounds us day in and out.

For example.

My newest fear is of balloons. A friend (thanks Erin!) told me that if a child swallows a piece of balloon, there is nothing that can be done, and they will probably choke. And of course what deadly play thing do the unknowing employees of HEB give my children? BALLOONS! So, Elizabeth and Micah (as well as other HEB shoppers) got quite and eye full as I flipped out when Micah had the balloon remotely close to his mouth. Considering the fact that I'm 6'1, and seven months pregnant, nothing is done discreetly. Add to that the fact that I have two non-quiet children, who were ridding in the cadilac of shopping carts, and we gave several shoppers quite a show.

Thankfully, both children lived to tell of our trip to HEB. And I will never again let those idiots give my children balloons.... at least until Micah learns that not everything has to go in his mouth.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

First trip to Dentist

Elizabeth's first trip to the dentist went VERY well! Her teeth are fine, and there should be no long term damage. The hygienist said that her nerves are bruised, and she will be sore for a few more weeks. Keep the pudding and apple sauce coming.

Here's Elizabeth wearing all her new "stuff" from the hygienist. She loved the whole experience, and wants to go back again. The hygienist was wonderful, letting Elizabeth play with the instruments, watch, dress up, ride the chair.

Future Higienists of America

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Water Baby

Both my kids seem to be huge fans of the water! Bath time is the highlight of our day, and Elizabeth is counting days until the pool opens.

Micah has discovered a love for water as well. Unfortunately, it's either dog water or toilet water. Here's how I found his yesterday.

Teeth Drama, Part II

Yesterday, I decided that it was finally time to brush Elizabeth top four teeth. I hadn't brushed those four teeth since the whole slide fiasco, so it was time! I started gently brushing, and her teeth started bleeding. Long story short, I got a good look at her teeth, and realized that her two top, front teeth are loose. So, tomorrow Elizabeth gets to make her first trip to the dentist!

Here's my question. How can such a girly girl (I bribe her to eat her breakfast by telling her that I will curl her hair!) be such a tom boy? It's a good combination, just not one that I saw coming. One minute she's wearing curls and a pink tutu, wanting to have her toe nails painted (pink of course!), the next she's trying another dare devil stunt, while wearing her tutu of course.

All this has me very nervous about having boys!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Why you don't invite Elizabeth to parties

At Alexis' birthday party, Elizabeth succeeded in shoving almost an entire cupcake in her mouth. As soon as she swallowed, she was ready for another. Yeah right!
You can invite Micah to your parties, he's pretty well behaved.... most of the time.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blood and Dog water

Being the good moms that we are, my friend Christi and I took Elizabeth, her daughter Alexis and Micah to the park. Our goal was to exhaust them so that they would take good naps.

As most of you know, Elizabeth is quite the dare devil. Today, she proved that yet again. After going down a very fast slide with me at the bottom catching her, she decided to go it alone. Not only did she do it by herself, she went on her tummy, feet first. As she (literally) flew off the bottom of the slide, she managed to whack her face into the slide. I was right there; just not close enough to do anything. I picked her up, and immediately notice that her mouth is bleeding. She is sobbing, which is only adding drool to the blood, making it seem worse. Of course we have nothing to clean her up with, she's still sobbing, and I can't figure out what part of her mouth she's bleeding from. Obviously, it's time to go home!

We put Micah and Alexis in the wagon, and I carry Elizabeth, who is sobbing and screaming, not to mention, covered in blood. We were turning onto our street when the wind picks up the hat Elizabeth had brought. Christi sweetly stops the wagon to pick up the hat. Because of the way the wagon stopped, Alexis falls out, landing on her face. Christi picks her up and says, "Of course. There's blood." So now, we have two sobbing two year olds, both bleeding from the mouth. Thank goodness none of our neighbors were out!

We get home, and try to assess the damage. Christi calms Alexis down with food (such a good girl!) and Elizabeth continues to scream and sob. At this point, I know she's hurt, but I can't tell anything more than that since she won't stop screaming! She was sobbing so much that she started gagging, which was the last thing I wanted to deal with! Thankfully, she calmed down a little. At this point, she's been crying for about 40 minutes, non stop. I notice that poor neglected Micah has a soaking wet diaper. I put my sobbing daughter down, and change Micah. By the time I'm done, Elizabeth has fallen asleep on the couch after almost an hour of crying.

Gently, praying that she wouldn’t wake up, I put Elizabeth in bed. Christi had put Alexis down. I come out to check on Micah, who is playing quietly in the kitchen. After a minute, I look over to check on him again, and he is face down in the dog water! All we could do was laugh at that point! Poor Micah was so overwhelmed by the whole situation; he decided putting his head completely in the dog water was a good solution.

All three kids took GREAT naps! So despite everything, our goal was accomplished. :-)

Alexis has a nice fat lip to show for a day with the Krajcas.

Elizabeth's entire top lip is so swollen that she can't swallow without slurping. Her gums are swollen and bruised on top of her top four teeth. She also has bruising behind her teeth.

I convinced Micah that life wasn't that bad, and he hasn't gone for the dog water again.

Just another fun day at the Krajca House!

Monday, February 12, 2007

A few pics

Watching Daddy get the ice of the van.
He may look innocent. But, in reality, he had just figured out how to take his diaper off, and made quite the mess in his bed.

The ball, Micah's new favorite toy!

Look at the concentration!

Showing off the new roller skates and equipment.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Things I say during the day.

"Elizabeth, don't throw the ball at your brother's head."

"Elizabeth, don't throw ANYTHING at your brother's head."

"Micah, don't put that used McDonalds french fry that you found on the floor in your mouth!"

"Why is my carpet blue?"

"Micah, don't push buttons on the answering machine, you'll erase all the messages again."

"No, oranges grow on trees, not babies."

"I know pink is a pretty color, but not pink marker all over your face!"

"Why is your brother crying?"

"Take the toilet brush out of your mouth, Micah!"

"Hello? Poison control? I just found my son sucking on the end of the disposable Clorox toilet brush..... yes, it had been used."

"Why would you lock your brother in the pantry?"

"I promise there are no bugs under your bed."

"Don't throw the newly folded laundry out of the basket!"

"Yes, you are very talented Elizabeth. But please don't put the whole cupcake in your mouth again."

And finally...
"I have the best job ever, and it's NEVER dull!"