Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Other pictures from Sears

Photo studio nightmare

A picture of my children, wearing cute clothes (and hair done!) where they are both smiling. That's all I wanted when I went to Sear's to get the kids' picture taken. I recruited Curtis to come along with me, to help make Elizabeth and Micah smile. Little did I know his true purpose was to keep me from losing my mind.

I was so optimistic as we walked into Sears. Then I heard the all too familiar scream of, "No!" from Alexis. The Findleys were trying to get pictures taken of Alexis, and had their appointment right before ours (great minds think alike). After much turmoil, they finally were able to get a good picture. It's too funny because she really does look angelic in the picture! Christi and Michael had a different view of their daughter though.

We walk into the studio for our turn, not know the impending doom that awaited us. We naively set our children down, thinking that this whole thing will be over with in about 20 minutes, after all, these are the professionals, right?

Half an hour later, I looked at our photographer, who had been unable to take one picture of the kids (though there was a great one of Micah, but Elizabeth was in the background sulking) and told her that the end had come, and that we're leaving. Maybe I was hearing things, but I think there was an audible sigh. It wasn’t that the kids were being bad, we just couldn’t get Micah to smile, and Elizabeth had better things to do that sit around and wait for said smile But the poor lady must have had a death wish that day, and suggested that we come back after getting something to eat.

We went back, tried for another half and hour, and left with nothing. Yet the nice Sears lady said, "Don't worry about it, let's just reschedule."

With much dread, Christi and I went to Sears a week later, to try again. We were in and out in 30 minutes (and that included paying for everything). Here's the glorious end result!

I would like to thank the following people for making this picture possible:

The nice Sears lady. Thanks for not killing my kids!

Christi, you're the best! I owe you big time now!!

The wonderful people who invented M&M's, along with the genius who contrived the bribe.

And lastly, the nice Sonic people, who supplied me with the Diet Coke I needed to get though the whole ordeal.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Random Pictures

Since it's been forever since I posted, I thought I'd post some random pictures of the kids. Once we get our new hard drive in, I'll try to put up some more pics, and blog a little more about each of the kids. In a nutshell: we are all doing great, and have enjoyed a very busy, yet fun summer.

I know, I'm one of those moms... but this is funny stuff! Poor Micah.
Curtis throwing Elizabeth in the backyard. Really, it looks a lot scarier than it is, at least that's what I'm telling myself.

There's a picture of my sweet Micah! Isn't he adorable!!
The real Elizabeth!

My kiddos. And what is that they're doing?? SHARING?!?!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Up Donalds (another potty training story)

Here's a potty training update, for those of you who care. :-) And for those of you who really don't care, read on anyway, it's funny!

Elizabeth is doing very well. Most days, my floor stays dry, which is a step ahead of where we were last week! But now, she won't poop in the potty. Oh, she tells us all the time that she's going to, but fails to deliver the goods every time. It's kinda a given that she will probably poop in her pull-up, during her nap. This past Friday, while Grandma and Grand-Daddy were in town, we went to Mc Donalds (or as Elizabeth says, Up Donalds). While there, nature called. So, Elizabeth took the only appropriate action: run, hide, and then poop. The following Sunday, we were again at Up Donlads. Again, nature called, and the same action was taken by Elizabeth. Monday came and went, no poop. Tuesday, you can tell that nature was not only calling Elizabeth, but screaming at her! But not matter what, she wouldn't poop. Finally, she went up to Curtis and said with all seriousness, "go Up Donalds and poop, okay?" :-) My Mom suggested we go to Mc D's every day to let her poop... but I don't think our budget has a "poop" section that would allow for the inevitable food that would be bought.

And now for another potty sotry!

This evening, I was fixing dinner and Curtis was "watching" the kids. You know the plastic lid that you put on a pitcher? Well, for some reason, Elizabeth decided to squat and pee in said lid. Why, I don't know. Then, she brought the lid to me, and asked me to clean in. Well, at least no one can say potty training is boring!


For the past year, my sister, Shannon has lived in Bryan, just a few minutes from our home. Better yet, she worked about a mile away from our home! Last month, she moved to Wichita Kansas to work on her Master's Degree. Although we are very excited that she is pursuing God's calling to continue her education, we were very sad to see her go. This past year has been a year in which I have grew even closer to my sister. I also witnessed first hand the amazing relationship that she formed with Elizabeth. She was there to share in some of our greatest joys, and to help us through some really tough times. I had family close to me for the first time since Curtis and I got married, and that meant so much to me.

After we waved good-bye to Shannon, we went inside. I was sitting on the couch crying, and trying to decide what form of chocolate to start on, even though it was only 10 am! Elizabeth was sitting on the other couch looking sad as well. So, I asked her if she was sad. Her response, "Elizabeth sad! Get kitty to make better?" I don't think so sweetie! So, I was solving my problems with food and my daughter was thinking a kitty would help her feel better. :-)

I was going to post some pictures of Shannon's last night here, but we are having technical difficulties in that area. If any one feels generous enough to donate to the New Hard Drive for the Krajca Family fund, just let me know. :-)