Monday, April 14, 2014


12 years ago, Curtis and I said good bye to his mother. I watched my husband of just over a year do something no 23 year old should have to do as he leaned over her body that was riddled with cancer and said, "It's okay to stop fighting." We knew it was coming. She had been fighting for 10 months. We were praying for God's mercy to end the pain. But nothing could have prepared us for that moment.

Today, I reflect on her passing, the past months we had with her, and the memories Curtis and I have of her. I will talk with the kids about their Grammii and share those memories with them. I will tell them how much she wanted to meet them! I will tell Elizabeth about how much her Grammii longed for a granddaughter. I will tell the boys about how much their Grammii would have loved watching them play sports.

And more than anything, we will rejoice that we will see her again! How thankful I am for that hope, a hope that points me towards heaven.