Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Yesterday, I turned 32.  We are in the midst of a really busy week, but yesterday was a calm day.  While doing some laundry and washing some dishes, I found myself reflecting on being in my 30's, what God has been doing in my life, and contemplating the past year.  We're had quite a year!!  But through those things, God has been at work, teaching me and growing me.  I can absolutly say that I'm being refined by fire!

Here are 32 things that I've learned this year.

1. God doesn't promise things will be easy.
2. Hard times don't always have a concrete ending point.
3. Watching what you eat isn't fun.
4. Watching what you eat coupled with exercise will produce results.
5. I've put limits on myself that I've enjoyed challenging.
6. Challenging my limits is fun!
7. The hope of Heaven has become more and more real.
8. Being a mom doesn't get easier the longer you do it.
9. Justice doesn't satisfy the way I thought it would.
10. Friends who know when to advice and when to just be are blessings.
11. The internet can be dangerous.
12. Grief is a process.  Sometimes, I long process.
13. I need to cherish little moments more.
14. Not having a baby is kinda nice.
15. Just because I didn't get the results I expected doesn't mean I wasn't doing what God called me to do.
16. Skype, e-mail, and Facebook make the miles seem less.
17. You can always call on family.
18. Children pick up more than I would have thought.
19. There are right and wrong ways of handling conflict with another believer.
20. Handling conflict the same way twice doesn't always work.
21. Eating at home can save a lot of money.
22. A good marriage is worth the fight.
23. I need to read more books to my children.
24. Exercise is better at relieving my stress than eating my stress.
25. Worship is refreshing.
26. Cancer sucks.
27. Being organized is a blessing and a curse.
28. When dealing with struggles, you can still pray for others facing struggles.
29. God doesn't promise to not give me more than I can handle.
30. He does promise that He can handle everything He gives me.
31. I don't want to live in fear.
32. I want to live by grace.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Wedding Shower

There are many things I love about our church. Because of the season of life Curtis and I are in, we're able to encourage/mentor/build friendships with some amazing college students. One of these students is Stephanie. She and I got to know each other more about a year and a half ago. She is now engaged to a wonderful man, and Micah and Elizabeth are in the wedding, and I was able to throw Stephanie's church shower. God is good. From generation to generation. I look forward to seeing how God will bless Grant and Stephanie as they begin their new life together.

Opening Ceremonies

This spring, one of Curtis' dreams as a parent has come true. He has two sons playing tee ball and he's the coach for their team. We had several practices, and then it was time for Opening Ceremonies! The teams paraded around Olsen Field (where the Aggies play), waving their hats, we sang the National Anthem, and the teams were introduced. It was a really fun evening!

Micah's birthday party

Even though his party was over a month ago, I had to blog about Micah's AMAZING 6th birthday party. He had an A&M Science Party. We had about a dozen little scientists in our home, setting of a volcano, making slime, oobleck, lava lamps and geysers. It was a blast.... literally!!

A weight

Life has been hard. Life has been busy. Life has been full of challenges. But life has also had wonderful moments and new memories have been made. Hopefully, I can recap April, before all the busyness of May kicks in. Today, I feel light. A burden has been lifted, justice is being served, and I am thankful. I didn't realize how strongly the weight of the past few months was weighing on me, until recently. And now I rejoice!! I knew God would prove himself faithful, and he has. I knew justice would be served, and it has been. I knew I would grown and mature, and I have. We're still not out of the woods of this trial, but I now have the encouragement that this season won't last forever. God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.