Sunday, October 23, 2011

Post Season Excitement

Curtis is a HUGE baseball fan. Specifically, he loves the Rangers. The past two year, the Rangers have really given Curtis something to be excited about. And I'll admit, that though I can be quite a whinny baseball wife during the regular season, I quite enjoy the post season!

And so, Ranger mania has hit our home, for the second year!

This is me. Watching a Rangers game. Even though Curtis wasn't home. Sigh. Thankfully, after last season Curtis realized that I'm only a big baseball fan in the post season, and only if the Rangers are the ones playing. Maybe it won't be such a let down next spring when I resort to my whinny baseball wife ways.

But for now.....


Monday, October 17, 2011

Merry Christmas, Krajca kids!

A couple weeks ago, my parents called Curtis, asking if they could buy the kids a puppy for Christmas. These puppies are bred by a good family friend, and they are safe for a kiddo with dog allergy problems, like Micah.

Curtis and I thought about, and went to visit the puppies. We decided our family was ready for a puppy, picked a puppy, and started making plans for our new addition.

My parent came into town late last week. Before coming over, they picked up the puppy, hid clues in our house, then came outside where I was with the kiddos. Mom told the kids that they had a surprise, but that they were going to go on a treasure hunt to find the surprise.
My mom had written rhyming clues, taking the kids all over the house. Each clue had something that pointed to getting a puppy: a ball, a frisbee, a comb, bowls and finally, a collar and leash.
At this point, the kids were talking about how weird it was that they were getting all this dog stuff, but they hadn't really guessed that they might be getting a puppy. The final clue led them out to the van my parents had arrived in, and there was my mom with the puppy!

Love at first sight!!! The kids were SO excited!

One of the first questions the kids had was what the puppy's name was. We let them pick the name, but were ready to veto anything too crazy. Benjamin declared that she should be named Cutie Pie. Elizabeth decided she liked Ali or Katy. Micah was too busy being very excited to care too much. So we named our new puppy Katy Cutie Pie.

Katy is SUCH a good dog! She absolutely loves being with the kids, and cries when they aren't awake, or aren't playing with her. She's only had a couple of accidents in the house, and spends huge amounts of time taking naps. Her personality is so sweet, and we are excited to have her as part of our family.

This is what 100lbs looks like

Between the two of us, Curtis and I have lost over 100lbs! Actually, when this picture was taken, we've lost a combined amount of OVER 100lbs. We both still have some more weight to lose, but it feels GREAT to have reached this goal.

And because you know I love a little before and after action......

This picture was taken on our anniversary last year. We are hoping to each meet our weight loss goal by our anniversary this year. Curtis will be able to do it, no problem. I'm on track, but don't have much room to slack off. Can't wait to see that before and after picture!