Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Choice of Words

Lesson of the day: Choose your words carefully when talking with a two year old!!

Yesterday evening, Curtis, Micah and Elizabeth were "helping" me prepare dinner. Curtis made a sarcastic remark, and I lightly hit him with the spoon I was holding. Little did we know that little eye were on us. A few minutes pasted, and suddenly, Elizabeth walked up to me and hit me. Curtis and I looked at her in shock. She just stood there looking back at us. "Don't hit Mommy," Curtis told her. Smack! "Don't hit Daddy," Curtis and I tell her at the same time. She then looks and me and sweetly asks, "Hit Micah?" "No, Elizabeth. Don't hit."

Maybe that's what we should have started with!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Jojo Party!

For the past two months, Elizabeth has been talking about her Jojo party. For those of you who haven't been lucky enough to "meet" Jojo, she is a cartoon character on a show, Jojo's Circus. Elizabeth fell in love with Jojo right before we had our cable disconnected. Thankfully, Mr. Michael recorded several for us. Well, this past Saturday, the day finally came, and Elizabeth had her Jojo party! Despite the fact that it was pouring rain, the face paint made Elizabeth's cheeks break out, and our best friends had a car accident the day before, it was a great day! The kids had a circus lunch, balloon animals, face painting, and of course Jojo cake! Aunt Shannon's face painting was the hit of the party. Even I got in on the action!

Our family (can you tell the hats were a little small on Curtis and I?)

Micah, ready to party!

Our best friends, the Findleys (the girls were both ready for naps!)

Alexis and Elizabeth eating lunch

The JOJO CAKE!!!!!

Present Time!

Mr. Micahel making balloon animals

Aunt Shannon painting Jojo noses on everyone

Stephen, what a cutie!

Sweet Piper with a rainbow

Lance with a choo choo

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Elizabeth's birthday

Today Elizabeth turned two!! I know it's cliche, but we really can't believe that it's been two years! There have been days when it feel more like ten! It's amazing how much she has changed. Curtis and I think she is a genius, but maybe that's because two years ago, all she could do is cry, and now look at her!! God has truly blessed us with her, and we are so thankful that she is part of our family. Now we just have to make it through the "Training Twos!"

Elizabeth had a very busy birthday. First, we went to VBS (where the first thing I did was to repair the birthday bow which had been mutilated on the ride to church), where Elizabeth brought cupcakes to her class. I'm sure there were some hyper two and three year olds, and some angry mommys! After VBS, we went to give Aunt Shannon a cupcake. For lunch, we went to Chuck-E-Cheese. Once Elizabeth realized, "Chucky nice guy," the fun really started. Then, it was nap time! Before we could go swimming, after her nap, we opened presents. Then we hit the pool, and ended our day with Elizabeth's favorite restraunt.... McDonalds! We had a McWonderful time!

A birthday snack at VBS (notice the icing on the nose!)

"Bowling" at Chuck-E-Cheese with Daddy

Mommy and her kiddos (in case you missed it, check out the birthday bow!)

The Birthday Princess

Presents before swimming

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Micah's Baptism

This past weekend, we celebrated Micah's baptism. It was such a special day to reflect on God's continued faithfulness and love to our family. We were also surrounded by loving friends and family, making the day even sweeter.

I love this picture for many reason, but mainly for the facial expressions that are captured. Curtis and I had done what we could to explain to Elizabeth what baptism was, and why we were baptizing Micah. We showed her pictures from her baptism. Yet, I don't think it clicked for her little two year old mind. When Pastor John baptized Micah, all Elizabeth knew was that Micah was getting water on his head, and she wanted some! And, she had no reservations about letting everyone in the church know, "want some!" When this picture was taken, Elizabeth had just started declaring, "Want some!" and Micah was making a very unmanly noise. Not quite what I had pictured, but still very special.

Baptism Prayer

Kierstyn's Family

Curtis' Family

The Krajca Boys

The Krajca Ladies

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sweet Faces

When people find out I'm a stay at home mom, I'm often asked if it's boring. I wittingly reply, "Of course not, I never know if the poop is going to come out the front, back or side of the diaper!" Not to mention, the benifits (shown above) far outweigh and possible cons! Is it just me, or are those two ADORABLE kids?!?!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Ladybugs and Creepy Pink Balls

That is what my Monday has consisted of. Ladybugs and creepy pink balls. Here's the scoop.

Today, we were watching a movie. During the movie, Elizabeth started serving Curtis and I pretend food. This isn't anything new in our household, but today we had an interesting twist since the food was invisible. So, being the superb parents we are, we relished in our daughter's delicacy. She gave us more of this delicacy, as she gulped up some of her own. Ummm! Curtis politely asked, "So, what are we eating?" Elizabeth looked at us, gulped up more of whatever was so amazing, and declared, "Ladybugs!" Even though we were eating pretend, invisible food, both Curtis and I stopped chewing.

Now to the creepy pink ball. Yesterday, Elizabeth had her first real shopping experience, where she was able to spend her own birthday money. One of her purchases, was a large, hot pink, ball. Today has consisted of lessons on NOT throwing the ball in the house, just rolling and kicking. Finally, Mommy's favorite time of the day rolled around and Elizabeth was sleeping. I was rocking Micah to sleep, and I hear this strange noise. I turn around, expecting to see Elizabeth. I see nothing. Back to rocking Micah. Same creepy noise. I turn around, and all I see is the pink ball. And the source of the creepy noise. And just to prove I'm not crazy, the same thing happened to Curtis! He was rocking Micah to sleep tonight, and the creepy pink ball emerges again!

The moral of the story..... watch our for creepy pink balls and don't eat Ladybugs!